GDPR Specialists are a group of companies and consultants that joined together to make sure your GDPR compliant. We have specialist data protection officers, security, legal, and other requirements need to ensure you handle data properly.

You might be saying “this is an EU thing and doesn’t apply to me since my company is located outside of the EU”. This is not true! If you collect data on EU residents, you need to follow these rules or you could end up defending yourself in an EU country court of justice.

We start off with helping you create a team, we then examine existing data, help you get the appropriate permission to make sure you are allowed to keep the data, then mapping it and finally, securing it.

We help set policies and procedures for data collection and use. We talk with each department to see what data they’re using and educate your employees on how to work with the data, store it and make it secure.

Don’t worry, if the worst happens, we can help you with notification to both your local data protection authority, and, if needed, the individuals affected by the data breach.

We take the hassles and headaches out of the data protection rules, so as you concentrate on what you do best – selling your business and making money. It’s one less problem for you to deal with.

We have representatives in Ireland, Romania, the US and Canada.